All four courses offered in the programme covered areas that have only recently become a spotlight of academic focus. Research, as well as conceiving areas and issues requiring deeper analysis and solutions, was a major thrust of the programme. Therefore, one of the major objectives of the programme was to develop solid research capacity, and to produce publications of high relevance to the respective fields covered by the programme. Project staff and students in the programme were encouraged to contribute.

In writing their research papers, students were required to select and develop a topic of theoretical or policy significance to the course focus. It had to be a topic that is potentially useful and enabling, in the sense that its outcomes are not only publishable in a peer-reviewed journal, but also capable of influencing policy and legislation in the particular area of focus.

Selection of our Publications

„Africa and the International Criminal Court“ (edited by Gerhard Werle, Lovell Fernandez and Moritz Vormbaum, Asser Press 2014)

„The African Criminal Court“ (edited by Gerhard Werle and Moritz Vormbaum, Asser Press 2017)

„Transitional Justice“ (Gerhard Werle and Moritz Vormbaum, Springer 2018)

„The Crime of Conspiracy in International Criminal Law“ (Julieth Okoth, Asser Press 2014)

„Legal Principles for Combatting Cyberlaundering“ (Daniel Leslie, Springer 2014)

„Gacaca Courts versus the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and National Courts: Lessons to Learn from the Rwandan Justice Approaches to Genocide“ (Charity Wibabara, Nomos 2014)

„The Post-Election Violence in Kenya: Domestic and International Legal Responses“ (Sosteness Materu, Asser Press 2015)

„Prosecution of Politicide in Ethiopia: The Red Terror Trials“ (Marshet Tessema, Asser Press 2018)