Working Groups

Working Groups

The African-German Research Network for Transnational Criminal Justice has established three Working Groups focusing on the main topics of the Network, namely International Criminal Law and Procedure, Transitional Justice, and Economic Crimes.

Each Working Group is chaired by one or more of our Alumni and counseled by senior academics renowned in the respective field. Working Groups can engage in a variety of activities (see below). In particular, Working Groups will take turns in organizing our annual Conferences. They will actively contribute to the call for papers, take part in selecting successful applicants and provide valuable input given their expertise in the field.

Other possible activities are:

  • joint publications
  • blogposts on current issues (to be published on our website)
  • workshops on current issues in the respective field
  • research stays related to projects of the Working Group

The Research Network supports such activities with contributions towards travel expenses, input by senior academics and by providing a platform for exchange and discussion. Alumni are encouraged to contact the respective Chairs with ideas for projects.

Working Group I: International Criminal Law & Procedure

Chair: Dr. Sosteness Materu | Dr. Charity Wibabara

Senior Academic: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Werle

Working Group II: Transitional Justice

Chair: Dr. Marshet Tadesse Tessema |
Dr. Marian Yankson-Mensah

Senior Academic: Prof. Dr. Moritz Vormbaum

Working Group III: Economic Crimes

Chair: Dr. Juliet Okoth

Senior Academic: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Kemp