Selected Publications

The following selected publications were written as part of the programme. Some of them were PhD theses, others emerged from the Network’s activities.

African Criminal Law Series (eds. Gerhard Werle and Florian Jeßberger)

Marshet Tadesse Tessema / Markos Debebe Belay, Ethiopian Criminal Law, forthcoming 2024.

Juliet Okoth / Evelyne Asaala, Kenyan Criminal Law, forthcoming 2024.

Nicksoni Filbert / Jaba Shadrack, Tanzanian Criminal Law, forthcoming 2024.

Symposium in the South African Journal of Criminal Justice 2020 (Volume 33, Issue 3)

Brenda Nanyunja, Victimisation and challenges to integration: Transitional justice response to children born of war in northern Uganda, pp. 580-597.

Victoria Ojo-Adewuyi / Nicksoni Filbert, Too much of a good thing: When transitional justice prescriptions may not work, pp. 526-542.

Marshet Tadesse Tessema / Markos Debebe Belay, Confronting past gross human rights violations in Ethiopia: Taking stock of the Reconciliation Commission, pp. 563-579.

Marian Yankson-Mensah, Transitional justice and constitutionalism: The case of Ghana, pp. 543-562.

Other Publications

Victoria Ojo-Adewuyi, Criminal Justice Responses to the Boko Haram Crisis in Nigeria, Asser Press 2024.

Nicksoni Filbert, Human Trafficking Under International and Tanzanian Law, Asser Press 2021.

Marian Yankson, Transitional Justice in Ghana – An Appraisal of the National Reconciliation Commission, Asser Press 2020.

Jorum Duri, Deploying Transitional Justice Mechanisms as Anti-Corruption Tools in Africa, UWC Research Repository 2020.

Seada Hussein Adem, Palestine and the International Criminal Court, Asser Press 2019.

Gerhard Werle / Moritz Vormbaum, Transitional Justice, Springer 2018.

Marshet Tadesse Tessema, Prosecution of Politicide in Ethiopia: The Red Terror Trials, Asser Press 2018.

Fatuma Mninde-Silungwe, The Regionalisation of International Criminal Justice in Africa, UWC Research Repository 2018.

Gerhard Werle / Moritz Vormbaum (eds.), The African Criminal Court, Asser Press 2017.

Robert Mugagga, Investigating the efficacy of using transitional justice mechanisms to redress gross violations of human rights in a post conflict Uganda, UWC Research Repository 2017.

Michael Mukwana, Self-Referrals to the International Criminal Court (Art. 14 of the Statute of the International Criminal Court): Legal Analysis, Case Studies and Critical Evaluation, UWC Research Repository 2017.

Windell Nortje, The Accountability of Child Soldiers for Crimes under International Criminal Law, UWC Research Repository 2017.

Zainabu Mango Diwa, Managing the Proceeds of Crime: An Assessment of the Policies of Tanzania, South Africa and Nigeria, UWC Research Repository 2017.

Jean Phillipo, The Forfeiture Regime in Malawi and its Implications for the Combating of Money Laundering, UWC Research Repository 2016.

Sosteness Materu, The Post-Election Violence in Kenya: Domestic and International Legal Responses, Asser Press 2015.

Charity Wibabara, Gacaca Courts versus the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and National Courts: Lessons to Learn from the Rwandan Justice Approaches to Genocide, Nomos 2014.

Daniel Leslie, Legal Principles for Combatting Cyberlaundering, Springer 2014.

Juliet Okoth, The Crime of Conspiracy in International Criminal Law, Asser Press 2014.

Gerhard Werle / Lovell Fernandez / Moritz Vormbaum (eds.), Africa and the International Criminal Court, Asser Press 2014.